Perhaps you´ve heard about it before? White saviorism. 

We race out across national borders to do a good deed to those who need our help, or at least that´s what we say ourselves. But on our way we can maintain an old narrative of being a savior - who due to ignorance adds damage to the very same person or thing, they wish to support. 


White saviorism is prominent in the marketing of various agencies and especially here on social media, it is dominant. During the workshop, we will start exciting debates with active participation and creative assignments about the history behind and its impact on the volunteer travel market.


By reflecting on our own position concerning the complexity, we jointly debate how we with the new knowledge can avoid contributing to the narratives, and in the future have more sustainable voluntary work abroad.




Time and place:

The workshop will take place online on July 14th from 17:00 to 19:00 (GMT+2) via zoom. You can book your ticket already now, and reserve a seat for the event.

You will receive a link to the event on the day, which will be your access to the discussion.


Limited seats available:

We value the quality of the content for all participants. We have thus set a limit of 25 participants to focus on everyone being able to learn something from the material we review.


What does the money go to:

The payment goes to cover the cost of knowledge collection and preparation of workshop. Thank you so much for supporting this so we can continue our mission; to inform about the problems we see in the volunteer travel market.

Once again, we´ve made the workshop available with the membership price for everyone attending.


Online Workshop - White Saviorism when volunteering abroad

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