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Give & Grow, a holistic education platform – not a travel agency

Case: We focus on helping future volunteers to find their perfect volunteering organization and encourage them to explore a country in a mindful and sustainable way

The main focus of Give & Grow is education. We are offering training and consulting to help volunteers have a sustainable impact and learn along the way. Once you start researching and going down the deep and unregulated rabbit hole of the volunteering world, it can quickly feel discouraging and overwhelming. We want to change this.

To ensure the volunteers´ positive impacts on the projects they volunteer at, we, apart from our education programs, have listed some grassroots organizations on our website which we visited ourselves. We see them as good examples and a possible destination for volunteers.

On the other hand, we stay in touch with these organizations and regularly ask them what they need. In case someone wants to visit them, we make sure it fits perfectly with their needs.

Give & Grow is a holistic education platform – not a travel agency.

We don’t offer services around travel but rather help future volunteers to find their perfect

volunteering organization and learn about the issues and features of responsible volunteering. At the same time, we encourage travelers to explore a country in a mindful and sustainable way and share how they can give back. We want to empower both sides, the local grassroots organizations and the travelers to make global change possible – together.

But that has its own struggles!

The volunteering market is an unregulated market. At the same time we don’t want to be a part of the market and change it from the bottom up – or rather from the outside. We are in the process of building trust and sharing information with our clients and stakeholders to help them navigate in this unregulated market. The biggest struggle is to find balance and our voice in the German market.

But how do we want to see the voluntourism market change?

We would like to see voluntourism companies held accountable for their offers and their impact on the volunteers, organizations, and local population. We would like to empower, educate and equip travelers with the right tools to identify unethical and doubtful trips or offers on their own. And on the other hand, we want to find and support truly sustainable and local projects in the best way possible

. Our main goal is to empower local initiatives on the one hand and give travelers the tools and knowledge they need on the other hand. We strive for a world where we connect, learn, and work together on eye level to solve global problems.

The two most important factors are transparency and responsibility. We need to create transparency for offers, organizations, and with it for actual change. On the ot

her hand, we need to build a sense of genuine global respect, solidarity, and responsibility – coming together all over the world, no matter the nation or origin to push for the change we wish to see in the world.

Then how and why do we incorporate responsible voluntourism in our values and vision?

layers. We are constantly learning and thinking of more ways to impact the volunteering industry positively. On our travels, we met incredible grassroots organizations doing amazing work. We learned a lot in very little time – simply by openly asking and genuinely listening to their approaches and perspectives. We realized that by bringing people together and enabling exchange on eye level, we can work together and solve global problems. Different perspectives lead to a different world view. And we want to shape a world of social, sustainable and economic well being – for everyone, together.

A part of it is to continuously learn from online and offline sources.

Our work comes with its own struggles as well

Advocate and educate around responsible volunteering and at the same time find ways to fund our work. Getting in touch with our stakeholders and potential clients is the main focus and at the same time the biggest struggle – finding the right people to speak to.

But we have our future set for the next 6 months!

We currently focus on building a strong, sustainable and impactful foundation for Give & Grow as a non-profit company. We want to educate the public and advocate for responsible volunteering and sustainable travel.

At the same time, we continue to intensify marketing efforts, develop online resources, conduct offline workshops and broaden our network. Most importantly we do what we preach – learning and widening our horizon on how to contribute to a more sustainable world.

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